Notice board April 22

 BREAKING NEWS….. The annual Charity RTV team trial has now been opened up to CCV teams as well. Click on the ‘Charity’ page for more info. 

NEXT EVENT…… The weekend of 18th/19th June is a set up weekend for the charity trial event Clerks of course, and to sort out the camping infrastructure for the main event( connecting water supply etc). There will also be a TYRO starting at midday???????? On the Saturday, cost £15 per driver. C O C’s will be Emma White and Taryn Gay.

Camping will be available on the Fri and Sat night for club members, cost £10 per unit per night. There will be no water available and you will have to take your rubbish home as there will be no facilities for this.

The camping and events will not be held in the flats , but instead will be in the 100 acre field at the top of the tarmac track, entrance over the bridge by Loughter mill…..

Come and have a bit of a social and enjoy a chilled out weekend.