Trewint CCV

Due to no clerk of course coming forward for the CCV at Trewint on Sunday 2nd September 2018, the majority of the committee have been in discussions regarding ways that the event could still run. 

It has been decided to run the trial as a self set up and possibly self marshal event. Phil Heys has kindly come forward to run the event on the day (officially clerk of course) with the help of Jason and Martyn Ham who have a good knowledge of the site. 

Please could all competitors arrive by 9am with the aim of being ready to commence by 9.30am. At 9.30am all competitors will be assigned an area to set up a section, once the sections are ready the trial will commence with all drivers completing the 8 sections, however the driver who set up the section being completed will drive it last of all. 

A scrutineer and marshals are still required for the event so if you are able to help please contact Phil Heys. 

We really hope this is an enjoyable and fun event, it is not how we intent trials to be organised in the future; this event is being run in this way to ensure it still can take place. 

Unfortunately due to family reasons Chris Cuming and Fraser Parish are unable to attend on the day but if you have any queries or concerns please contact Chris Cuming as soon as possible.