Fire Extinguishers!

New clarification of the rule changes implemented by the MSA recently:-

Hi all , the msa have updated the fire extinguisher regs, they were originally published to be implemented January 2019 , but middle of January issued a statement saying it was a misprint and it is mandatory from January 2018!!
We are going to allow a period of grace (2nd event) to check yours and sort it out!!
It is really only aimed at ccv and comp safar’s as extinguishers aren’t mandatory in rtv’s .

1.  From 2018 all extinguishers must be serviced in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines, or every 24 months, whichever is sooner.

2.  If your car is new from 2019, it must comply with section K, appendix 3 of the MSA Blue Book (page 195). This includes changes to the fire extinguishers allowed.

3.  The above rules will apply to all vehicles from 2022, so bear that in mind if purchasing new ones.