Time Trials – Ready, Steady GO!

Hi all, the new Time Trial season is nearly upon us, and as promised we have got 4 Time Trials in the calendar for 2014 at 4 different venues.  Also as said we are running a league so for all those wishing to enter please check up on what you need to take part, ie. a crash helmet to meet current regs and a MSA comp licence.  This is obtainable via the MSA and is the non race clubman licence.  Now as for wheels, you can bring any CCV or Comper, and any size engine, because these Time Trials are a great leveller.  However there will be classes depending on numbers, the big engine is not always the quickest. As for the general idea of what to do its simple, there are three sections set out like a trial, with big gates that are numbered and on the word Go drive as quick as you can on the section against the clock going through every gate in numerical order whilst remaining in control at all times.  Now if you miss one you can slip back and find it and try again, however don’t hit it, that brings with it a penalty now when everyone has done their first lap, you can walk the section and see where you can improve and off you go again even faster.  Once everyone has completed their three laps its off to the next section. Each section is 320 meters long so now you have all the info come and give it ago. If you don’t have time to get a licence sorted before the 12th of January for the first Time Trial you can bring a photo and a completed form on the day.