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2018 Calendar

Date Event Location Clerk of course Camping?
4th CCV Hay Farm    
11th Comp Carharrack David Jeffery  
17th & 18th        
25th RTV Ashcombe Trevor Castle  
31st Easter
1st Easter
8th Pentillie Land Rover Defender Day
15th CCV Ogwell Lee Smerdon & Kim Dobinson  
21st & 22nd        
28th JTV/Tyro Newnham   Y
29th RTV & URTV Windwhistle Phil Heys & Ken Brain
5th & 6th Bank Holiday Weekend
13th CCV Herodswood    
20th RTV Carharrack    
26th – 28th Nationals
2nd & 3rd JTV/Tyro & Charity Set up, Newnham Park Y
9th & 10th Charity RTV, Newnham Park Y
17th Comp Hay Farm Tony Penna  
23rd JTV/Tyro Bush Farm   Y
24th RTV & URTV Bush Farm  
7th & 8th Mendips
15th Comp Thorns Cross    
22nd CCV Hittisleigh    
28th JTV/Tyro Hittisleigh   Y
29th RTV Hittisleigh  
5th Series Trial Thorns Cross Matthew & Taryn Gay  
11th & 12th Boconnoc Motorsport Weekend
18th & 19th        
25th – 27th Baskies
2nd CCV Trewint Jeremy & Neil Roberts  
8th & 9th        
15th & 16th Majors
23rd Comp Vernadon Farm, Holsworthy Tony Brown  
30th RTV & YRTV Horsebridge    
7th CCV Mary Tavy Neil Jackson  
13th & 14th        
21st Comp Tredinnick Graham Jeffery  
28th RTV Mary Tavy    
4th CCV Newnham Phil Heys & Graham Smiith  
10th & 11th        
17th & 18th        
25th RTV & URTV Newnham Dave White  
2nd CCV Tredinnick    

Fire Extinguishers!

New clarification of the rule changes implemented by the MSA recently:-

Hi all , the msa have updated the fire extinguisher regs, they were originally published to be implemented January 2019 , but middle of January issued a statement saying it was a misprint and it is mandatory from January 2018!!
We are going to allow a period of grace (2nd event) to check yours and sort it out!!
It is really only aimed at ccv and comp safar’s as extinguishers aren’t mandatory in rtv’s .

1.  From 2018 all extinguishers must be serviced in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines, or every 24 months, whichever is sooner.

2.  If your car is new from 2019, it must comply with section K, appendix 3 of the MSA Blue Book (page 195). This includes changes to the fire extinguishers allowed.

3.  The above rules will apply to all vehicles from 2022, so bear that in mind if purchasing new ones.

Land Rover Monthly Magazine – Pub Meet

Land Rover Monthly have a pub meet in association with Heritage Insurance taking place on Thursday 23rd November 2017 at Hartland Quay, Bideford, EX39 6DU at 6pm.
It is free to attend and a chance for Land Rover enthusiasts to come together and meet the team behind the magazine, there will be a Land Rover themed pub quiz and everyone will go home with an LRM goody bag.  Food is not included and must be paid for by the individual.
If people are interested please could you ask them to email to register.