Fun Weekend & Charity Set up – all members welcome!!!

Weekend 21st and 22nd June Newnham Park.

As most of you are involved in helping the club in some way or another we are trying to give you something back and saying thank you for those helping with the Charity event.

The BBQ will be held at about 6pm on Saturday 21st June and we are charging £1 per item(sausage, burger).

There will also be onions and rolls etc.

Marshal training. Sunday morning(22.06.14) at 10am

We have many new members that have joined the club since the last training, and this is a chance to make sure you are up to date and aware of the pitfalls which sometimes occur whilst marshaling.

This is also a good refresher course for those involved in the Charity event as well.

Gymkhana. This will take place at 12.00 noon and has been organised by Aaron.

All you need is a Land Rover.

The Rules and Regs .are available from face book or see attached, and it looks to be great fun and a good test of driving skills. £5.00 entry to go to St Luke’s.

Camping is available on Friday and Saturday so come and make a weekend of it and try out the clubs new hub (A Coleman shelter we can sit under).

Numbers to Trish please. or 07779158363

Gymkhana regs